Getting High Through Hypnosis

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    Keep a journal. Monitor how you feel, and your quality of life as you are going through this. It will help you identify where you are in the process, and it will be reassuring.

    [img] the mother and child refers to a chicken and egg dish.

    Maybe you don't feel that you can be hypnotized. When in actuality, you have been hypnotized prior to, but you just don't know that you ended up under a trance.

    Do browse at home. Visit Web sites or review catalogs of your favorite stores. Make a list of items you want to purchase, call ahead to see if the item is in stock, and have the salesperson hold it for you. Better yet, order by phone or online and save yourself a trip.

    But my patient may not have needed to have her ileum removed. Here is the rest of the story. In 2006, she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. The uterus and both ovaries were surgically removed. She then underwent chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It took me two years to recuperate, she said. And then I needed supplemental potassium and a B-12 shot once a month in addition to Loperamide to control the diarrhea.

    First, you must relax and calm down the person whom you are trying to hypnotize. You must keep in mind that if your subject in not on a relaxed state, or if he has fear of something, it won't be easy to hypnotize him. So you first calm down your subject and once he is in relaxed state, perform the following actions.

    Assume it is June 13, 2007. You set a goal to get $1,000 in the next four weeks. For simplicity, let's establish your deadline is for July 13, 2007. You desire this money to pay a bill to Mr. Johnson.


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