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    Wicked Soul is a heavier band with strong loud guitars. They have a style to them that is tough with a strong rhythm section to it. Vocals are good too! Their song "Free Ride" has a real good feel to it. This band hails from Wheeling, Illionois. Good rock band with strong guitars!!

    It was important to me that my product contained non-toxic, natural ingredients and not chemicals to scent it. As a mother, I am cautious of what my children are touching. My goal was to create something for kids and adults to play with that is fun, but also has benefits to it. dokedo is fantastic and there is not anything else like it!

    The Troggs hit it big in 1966 with "Wild Thing." The song was introduced to the band by producer, Larry Page and later received new life when Jimi Hendrix reworked it into a psychedelic masterpiece.

    Constant tooth pain may damage the nerve. This means you must undergo root canal or even tooth extraction. This procedure is more expensive and dangerous. It also doesn't feel good if you have to do away with your natural teeth.

    With the death of her baby son her gifts become more enhanced. Unfortunately, Doris had lost three more children, but did adopt a son Terry. Her anguish over the loss of her children made her sensitive toward other parents who suffered the same.

    Day by day my sister slowly improved until she was able to have a shunt put in her brain. The operation was successful and she was transferred to a rehabilitation facility a short time later. After undergoing physical therapy she returned home. She is now working part-time and once again participates in her grandchildren's activities. She recently celebrated her birthday. As she sat opening her presents amidst her children, grandchildren, two sisters and aunt, I could not help but remember those days just a few months ago and the anxiety we all felt.

    This is the first major step in goal setting. You must know specifically what you want and you must write it down. You must also be able to state your goal or intention in one short sentence or less. If you cannot state your goal in one short sentence or less, then you do not have clear, concise goals. If your goals are not specific, you will design a hazy, sloppy future and condemn yourself to a life of mediocrity.

    CHYNNA: I spent a fair bit of time on your site. I have to say that I think it's truly inspiring how many places your product has been donated to in helping to raise awareness or help others in need. Can you tell us about the many fabulous charity organizations Dokedo helps to support?

    That means that if you can enter even the slightest trance then you can enter a very alpha trance just by going in and out of that trance over and over.

    From the point of view of science and medicine, hope and feelings do not count or exist. These attributes do not belong to the physical body for they do not show up on the X-ray film or CT scan. Therefore they are not supposed to exist. Yet, you and I know that there are things such as hope, love, feeling and inspiration. These are attributes of the soul and mind. They do exist and they matter -- irrespective of what Rene Descartes wanted you to believe or what the medical world says. The feeling of no hope kills. So, we say again that there is no such thing as false hope. But there is such a thing as false hopelessness because no mortal on earth can play God.

    Maybe you don't feel that you can be hypnotized. When in actuality, you have been hypnotized prior to, but you just don't know that you ended up under a trance.


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